Terms of Service

Independence Meals on Wheels, Inc. And Recipient

The Parties agree as follows:

  1. Independence Meals on Wheels, Inc.

Independence Meals on Wheels agrees to provide the following:

Section I. Delivery of Meals

  1. Deliver meals to recipient’s place of residence using volunteer drivers.
  2. Meals will be delivered between 10:30 a.m. and noon.
  3. Meal delivery is provided Monday through Friday, excluding some Holidays.
  4. Drivers are required to see each Recipient. When no response is received, a caregiver or emergency response will be made.

Section II. Special Diets

  1. Upon notification, special diets will be provided. (Telephone No. 254-9566)

Section III. Inclement Weather

  1. Deliveries are not made when bad weather conditions create hazardous driving conditions. Cancellations are announced on local TV-4 News.
  2. Deliveries may not be made if road or sidewalk conditions are such that place volunteer drivers at risk.
  3. Deliveries are not made when the Independence Schools are closed due to bad weather conditions.

Section IV. Cost and Payments

  1. The cost per noon meal delivered is $4.75.
  2. The cost per added entrée only delivered with noon meal is $3.50.
  3. Volunteer Drivers will collect payments on Friday of each week. (Cash or Check only)

Section V. Service Initiation

  1. Begin service on requested start date, or within one week of signed agreement

2. Recipient

Recipient agrees as follows:

Section I. Cancellations

  1. Notify the Independence Meals on Wheels, Inc. office by noon the day prior to a cancellation. (Telephone No. 254-9566)
  2. Agree to pay for meal when notification of cancellation was not made.
  3. Payments left with MOW after cancellation will be considered a donation if not requested within 90 days of discontinued service.

Section II. Receiving Meals

  1. Be available to receive the meal unless prior arrangements have been made.
  2. Provide a safe passage for the delivery.
  3. Notify the Office of delivery instructions, such as leaving a cooler at the door to place the meal in. (Telephone No. 254-9566)

Section III. Indemnification

  1. Save Meals on Wheels, Inc. harmless for food spoilage due to delay in eating the meal or left unrefrigerated.

Section IV. Payments

  1. Have payments ready for the driver to pick up on Friday,
  2. Make checks payable to Independence Meals on Wheels, Inc.
  3. Payments may be mailed to Independence Meals on Wheels, Inc. at 409 N. Liberty, Independence, MO 64050.

Section V. Animals

  1. For safety of the drivers, please see that all animals are restrained at the time of meal deliveries.


Independence Meals on Wheels
409 N Liberty
Independence MO. 64050

Phone: 816-254-9566
[email protected]